Your Finance Organisation

Providing effective support for your business

Finance support tends to evolve, often reactively, as the business develops, rather than being pro-actively planned, so it is important to review the level and type of Finance support you need for your future plans, and to ensure you’re getting maximum value.

As a business owner, you cannot be expected to know how best to structure the team, or what qualifications, skills and experience are appropriate for the level of support you require. It can also be a distraction from running the business.

Sadly, there are times when roles may have to be changed significantly or discontinued. In these circumstances it is important that individuals are consulted with appropriately, being treated fairly and with respect. This may be challenging especially if you have not had to do it before.

You need not be alone: whatever stage you are at, I offer any or all of the following services:


  • Assess the current and future business requirements
  • Recommend future structure and transition plan
  • Write job descriptions / role profiles
  • Liaise with your Human Resource support on consultation process


  • Benchmark salaries and rewards packages
  • Brief and liaise with recruiters
  • Candidate screening
  • Prepare interview plans & conduct interviews

Talent Management

  • Identify high potential individuals
  • Prepare development plans
  • Succession planning
  • Improvement plans for under-performers

Training, Coaching And Mentoring

The essentials

A basic understanding of financial concepts can enable organisations to drive improvements in profit and cashflow. Here are some examples:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) need to be well understood along with how individuals and teams can influence them so that the business can achieve its overall goals
  • Revenue targets are usually based on revenue in the accounts which may be very different from actual business written by the Sales team
  • Profit margins: Sales and Marketing teams need to understand which products or services are most profitable and therefore which to promote
  • Cost base: departmental managers and manufacturing teams need to understand how to influence this
  • Cashflow: everyone should understand how they can have a direct positive impact on this, such as only selling to good credit risks even if it means potentially missing a sales target
  • Understanding management accounts and variance analysis
  • How to prepare a robust budget or credible business plan

I offer the following:

  • Bespoke in-house courses or workshops specific to your business and KPIs
  • General “financial awareness” training for non-Finance staff
  • Coaching of Finance teams in areas which are new to them, or on which they need a refresher
  • Workshops for updating your strategic plan, business plan, annual budget process
  • Mentoring people in your organisation who you believe have potential to progress to the next level

If you are interested in finding out more about this service, without obligation, please get in touch.