Virtual Finance Director

As companies grow they may benefit from the additional level of financial control, insight and direction that would normally be provided by a Finance Director (FD) but they may not need one full-time. A Finance Director has to be confident that the day-to-day is under control and be able to understand and explain what has happened but, much more than this, they are forward looking, anticipating the future needs of the business and supporting decision-making in real time.

I provide a “virtual” FD service. This is a part-time service, where I work remotely but I spend time with you and in your business when required. As a qualified Management Accountant with 25 years’ experience of working on the inside of businesses, I bring a combination of accounting knowledge and commercial acumen to your management team.

The role can encompass a whole range of activities and we should meet to discuss what your specific requirements might be but here are some examples:

  • Production of monthly or quarterly management accounts with a detailed commentary, which we talk through to ensure that you’re confident using them and highlighting any emerging risks and opportunities
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with you, so that you and your staff have clear measures of success, and know how to influence them to achieve your business goals
  • Prepare an annual budget and periodic re-forecasts to ensure you’re on track to hit your numbers; flag to you when action is required to bring things back on track
  • Develop a new business plan or refresh the existing plan
  • Develop the financial strategy which sits alongside your business strategy
  • Support you in defining or reviewing your business strategy
  • Workshops for updating your strategic plan, business plan, annual budget process
  • Evaluate proposals or new ideas, such as new equipment, premises, a new product or service or taking on more staff
  • Attend internal board meetings or management meetings, either in person or online
  • Represent you at meetings with third parties such as banks or insurers

As a virtual FD, I can provide you with high quality financial leadership at an affordable monthly cost.